Celebrate 2016 with Jimmy LaFave on Jan 21st!

jimmy_lafave3“He’s a romantic, a true one, with wanderlust.”
–Sean Hickey, West Chester Daily Review

Jimmy LaFave kicks off our Spring Season for Unplugged on The Front Porch this January in our acoustically perfect space. A son of Texas and Oklahoma, LaFave’s lifelong obsession with folk hero Woody Guthrie–amongst countless other troubadours–led him to develop his own genre of country/blues/folk, which he deemed “red dirt music” decades ago. Now widely considered to be Texas music royalty, LaFave still gigs all over the state, continuing to innovate his words and melodies to reach audiences across generation gaps. In his decorated career, LaFave has been named Kerrville Folk Festival’s Artist of the Year (1996), performed at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Austin City Limits, and continues to serve as an Advisory Board member and regular performer at the annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival. Come join us as we kick off a spectacular Spring Season of Unplugged on The Front Porch this January 21st with Jimmy LaFave! Also– join us next month as we welcome Israel Nash.

Unplugged on The Front Porch invites all devoted listeners to gather in one spot on a monthly basis to venerate our city’s best musical storytellers. In just two short hours, our listening experience reaches into the hearts and minds of these musicians as we explore with them not only their art but also their life experiences and opinions in our intimate gathering characterized by both music and conversation.

Each edition of Unplugged on The Front Porch features seventy minutes of music divided into two sets by a a fifteen-minute interview with the artist. Our crisp new format for Unplugged this Spring features NO INTERMISSION. Every concert is taped, and we ask for a donation of $20 at the door that goes directly toward paying our crew and our artists the living wages they deserve. NOTE: We are now set up for you to reserve your seats through Ticket Bud! There is an incentive: you’ll be guaranteed the best available seats and we will be happy with a $15 donation, instead of $20:)

Unplugged on The Front Porch is generated and sustained by two local nonprofits– The Live Music Capital Foundation and The Front Porch– who decided to look for ways to make listening in our community more intentional.

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