The Eastern Sea Sways on March 10th

Come join Austin’s most intentional approach to live music patronage– Unplugged on The Front Porch. This March, we’re incredibly stoked to host one of Austin’s most innovative musical experiments: The Eastern Sea. This concert will be their Austin homecoming following a tour of the eastern U.S. this February. Donate online here to reserve your seats now!

An indie-rock smash hit from right here in Austin, The Eastern Sea has earned national acclaim (MTV, NPR) all the way back to their debut, basement-recorded, self-titled EP in 2008. Featuring a rotating lineup of Austin’s top musicians and an eclectic sound defined by rich harmonies, poetic lyrics, and diverse instrumentation, The Eastern Sea’s live concerts are widely noted for delighting audiences in exuberance and joyousness, proliferating an engaging, collaborative vibe for all to cling to. We know they’ll be a perfect fit for our intimate stage at All Saints’. We also know that, coming off the release of their new album, The Witness (2015), they’ll have tons of material, new and old, to share with us. Join us for an incredible Unplugged on The Front Porch with Matthew Hines and company: The Eastern Sea!

Unplugged on The Front Porch invites all devoted listeners to gather in one spot on a monthly basis to venerate our city’s best musical storytellers. In just two short hours, our listening experience reaches into the hearts and minds of these musicians as we explore with them not only their art but also their life experiences and opinions in our intimate gathering characterized by both music and conversation.
Each edition of Unplugged on The Front Porch features 75 minutes of music divided into two sets by a thirty minute intermission/on-stage interview with the artist. Every concert is taped, and we ask for a donation of $20, either online or at the door, that goes directly toward paying our crew and our artists the living wages they deserve. Please give what you can to make this a sustainable series, but know that we won’t turn away those who can’t afford to pay that much. Unplugged on The Front Porch is generated and sustained by two local nonprofits– The Front Porch and The Live Music Capital Foundation– who continue to look for ways to make listening in our community more intentional.

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