The Return of Sam Baker

Unplugged on The Front Porch is, once again, proud to host Sam Baker (musician). A troubadour with so many stories to tell, we just can’t get enough of this guy’s captivating voice. Join The Front Porch, The Live Music Capital Foundation, and Sam as we continue our mission to champion Austin’s musicians and the Austin music culture.  Remember– your donation enables us to host these amazing shows in a listening room with perfect acoustics each month, and– most importantly– to pay our artists the living wages they deserve.

Those who have joined Sam in live session before know his style–the fixed eyes forward, the deliberate strums of the strings, the vivid imagery of his lyrics, the joy of life breathing into the microphone amidst the pain of existence. If you haven’t seen Sam Baker, now is your chance to connect and dig deeper with one of our city’s most beautiful souls.

Expect an incredible interview at the halfway point surrounded by a great performance and even better writing. Join us for this amazing edition of Unplugged on The Front Porch. To get a sense of why we’re so happy Sam is back on the Porch, listen to his inspiring interview with NPR’s Terry Gross,

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