Walt Wilkins to perform at the next Unplugged on the Front Porch Concert!

Join us Thursday, February 19th, 7:00pm


A little about Walt, in case you don’t know him.

From Texas to Nashville and back!

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Walt is a singer, writer and producer of country and blue grass music. He is a country/rock powerhouse! He was a regular on the Nashville music scene for almost a decade before returning to Texas. (He was “homesick all the time” he told Brian McElhiney in a 2013 interview in The Daily Gazette. You may know him from his performances at The Saxon Pub with his band The Mystiqueros– they have a regular gig there once a month.

He recalls listening to Jimmy Webb and Glen Cambell records with his dad at the age of 8 and knew at that very early age what his calling was, and set his course to be able to follow it. “I am still learning how to listen to, and stay true to the voice, and true to the work I am given. I try not to take myself too seriously, but I do try to take seriously this work; this calling.” He says on his website.

His Style…

He has a very natural songwriting style, writing about life, experiences and emotions that are a common thread to us all. “I’ve always been inspired to write, and it started when I was young,” Wilkins said. “I haven’t stopped learning and growing ever since.” Walt was quoted as saying in an interview by Katie Paschall for the Daily Texan.

Some of his compositions have been recorded by top country music names like Pat Green and Kenny Rogers. He has released three albums with The Mystiqueros, another seven as a solo artist, but lately he has been teaming up with his wife Tina Mitchell Wilkins for their duo project.

The Concert…

Unplugged on The Front Porch is a collaboration between The Live Music Capital Foundation and The Front Porch. We request a $10-$20 donation at the door that goes toward paying our musicians and our fantastic production team. Doors open at 6:30pm as usual, with the concert starting at 7:00pm. You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to get to know another of Austin’s finest musicians, where the focus is on experiencing his music in a personal and intimate, reverent setting. Will you be joining us? Do you have a burning question you want to ask Walt? Leave it hear. Steve selects a few audience/blog questions during the interview.

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